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Irish Poteen Protected GI Status Irish Poteen is a European Union G.I. Protected Status Spirit                                            For consumers click here


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The producer of Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen encourages the consumption of alcohol in moderation.

As part of this policy it declines to directly advertise its products or use the medium of 'advertorials'. Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen ® when featured below in the editorial sections of the following publications, has not made any payment for its inclusion.

Knockeen Hills supports the Portman's Group Policy of 'If you do do drink, don't do drunk'.

Drinks Business
World Duty Free - UK RETAIL Profile -Duty Bound
August 2007

Irish World
Irish Results of 37th Annual International Wine & Spirit Competition
August 2006

Doras - Irish Web Site Directory
Three Shamrock Award for Knockeen Hills Web Site
January 2003

'Waterford News & Star'-
Waterford's Knockeen Hills Poteen is not used in U.K. banned poteen Alcopop - 8th November 2002 [more]

Harpers - Wine & Spirit Weekly
Crack Ice FAB under fire for hard drug imagery
Sept 2002

Harpers - Wine & Spirit Weekly
Susy Atkins reports on a contoversial drink's move to the mainstream.
June 2002

The Irish Post- Voice of the Irish In Britain
April 2002

Waterford News and Star
"Luxury Irish Moonshine Ice Cream Launched"
February 2, 2000

The Irish Post
"Moonshine Ice Cream"
January 29, 2000 (Page 3)

The Magazine For Irish Pubs Worldwide
"Mean Poteen"

Issue 5: 1999

Diageo abandons Irish Spirit
9 August 1998, No. 1771

HARPERS, The Wine and Spirit Weekly
"High-strength poteen launched"
10 July 1998, No. 5864, Page 6

The Fortnightly For Grocery Independents And C-Stores
"Poteen for St. Patrick"
February 1998, Page 46   

HARPERS, The Wine And Spirit Weekly
"Poteen gains distribution"
31 October 1997, No. 5830, Page 8

The Irish Times.
"Poteen exporter irked by entry of Guiness to market "
17 March 1997.


The following article relates to corporate news:

BBC h2g2
Complaint from Knockeen Hills to BBC. Article published on the internet 28th September 2006 . See article by clicking here.


BBC1, Breakfast News
Complaint from Knockeen Hills to BBC
"Serious breach of broadcasting standards upheld"
January 2000