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Irish Poteen Protected GI Status Irish Poteen is a European Union G.I. Protected Status Spirit                                For commercial users click here


I.W.S.C. Awards News

  • New record set at 2006 competition. The first spirit in the competition's history to win Four SILVER MEDALS 'Best in Class' at a single competition. These were the Quadruple-Distilled Special Reserve 110 US PROOF and 180 US PROOF, and the Gold Extra-Strength 80% vol. and 90% vol.
  • New record set at 2005 competition. The first quadruple-distilled Irish Poteen in the competition's history was submitted. This quadruple-distilled Gold-Extra Strength 90% Vol. (180 US Proof) and the Farmers Strength 60% Vol. triple-distilled; both won BRONZE MEDALS. (More).
  • Ireland's only Spirit Gold Medal at 2003 competition awarded to Knockeen Hills Triple-distilled Farmers Strength 60% Vol.- Entry submitted by Waitrose Plc.(More).
  • Ireland's only Irish Poteen medal at 2004 competition awarded to Knockeen Hills Farmers Strength 60% Vol. (Bronze Medal) - Entry submitted by Waitrose Plc.(More)
  • New world record set at 2002 competition by Knockeen Hills Triple-distilled Gold-Extra Strength 90% Vol. (180 US Proof). (Bronze Medal) The strongest spirit to have won a Medal in the history of the I.W.S.C. (More).
  • Ireland's only Poteen medal at 2000 competition awarded to Knockeen Hills Gold Strength 70% Vol. (Bronze Medal) - (More)