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Irish Poteen Protected GI Status Irish Poteen is a European Union G.I. Protected Status Spirit                                For commercial users click here


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For Online Sales from TheDrinkshop click here and for Master of Malt click here TheDrink shop delivers to the USA in the States of Alaska, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington District of Columbia, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, and Wyoming. Click here to see the full list of other countries to where they deliver.

TheDrinkshop also stocks our bespoke Heather and Elderflower Irish whey distillate Gins. Click here They are London 'Cut', five-times distilled, with International Wine and Spirit Competition silver medal award-winning provenance. To order from Master of Malt click here and click here

The spirit category 'Irish Poteen/Irish Poitin' was accorded 'Geographical Indicative' status by the EU, and formally adopted by Regulation of the EU Commission, Parliament and Council in June 2007. The only two other Irish spirit drinks to be awarded G.I. status are Irish Cream and Irish Whiskey.

Knockeen Hills products are the only ones to comply with the EU Irish Poteen Techincal file requirements to use distillate above 94.7% vol and it continues to exclusively use traditional Irish Whey distillate produced at 96% vol. This distillate provides an unrivalled smooth delivery of the spirit on the pallet, and no after-taste, which sets out our quality products, apart from all other Irish poteens. For the technically minded, the clear clean, transparent distillate in Knocken Hills consists of only a minute amount of congeners at 240 parts per million!

TheDrinkshop has in stock 1lt., 70cl., 50cl., and 5cl. miniatures bottles of our Gold Extra-Strength 90% vol. together with the 70cl., 50cl., and 5cl. miniatures of our 70% vol. Gold Strength, and 60% vol. Farmers Strength. The Master of Malt has in stock currently all three strengths in the 70cl. and 50cl. size bottles and their 3cl. samples.

We unreservedly recommend the integrity of both online retailers who also deal directly with trade customers.


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Master of Malt has in stock, the 90% vol. Gold Extra-Strength in 50cl. and 70cl. bottle sizes, as well as in the 70% Vol. Gold Strength, and 60% vol. Farmers Strength; it also stocks 3cl. samples.

Click here for Master of Malt webpage for Knockeen Hills five-times distilled London 'cut' Heather dry gin.

Click here for Master of Malt webpage for Knockeen Hills five-times distilled London 'cut' Elderflower dry gin.


Click here to see a promotion placed by The Whisky Club in the edition of The Times published on 14th March 2013, three days before St. Patrick's Day.




60% Vol. Farmers Strength. GOLD MEDAL, - 2003 International Wine & Spirit Competition - (Irish Poteen category). SILVER MEDAL, 2002 I.W.S.C. (Irish Poteen category).

70% Vol. Gold Strength. SILVER MEDAL (Best in Class), 2008 I.W.S.C. (Irish Poteen category)., BRONZE MEDAL 2002 I.W.S.C. (Other Spirits category).

90% Vol. Gold Extra-Strength. SILVER MEDAL (Best in Class), 2006 I.W.S.C. (Irish Poteen category).


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Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen ® should be consumed responsibly.


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