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Poteen Folklore

"Must keep that poteen well away from Euan"
The Observer
Sunday October 22, 2000

FRIDAY: Have just been having a look at his contribution to this new book on Ireland, wherein he fondly remembers his youth and his links. Lovely stuff, if a little surprising. I don't actually remember him telling me about that night with Brendan Behan in the Oul' Craic, where they got so ripped thigether, so they did, that they carried a horse up the council lift to Mother Clairty's poteen shebeen and then chased dark-eyed colleens around the Chapel in the Bog, ach so they did I'm telling you, and then raced home in a stolen clarsach while singing songs of grinding poverty and what a night of it it was and it was a night for forever so it was. But I'm sure he'll get round to it.


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