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Irish Poteen Protected GI Status Irish Poteen is a European Union G.I. Protected Status Spirit                                   For commercial users click here


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Irish Poteen is a European Union G.I. Protected Status Spirit

Ice Magazine

September 2002


Booze Olympics

'Laydeez and Gentlemen...The excitement has reached fever pitch as you join us ringside at the start of the most righteous ruckus... It is with great pleasure that Ice welcomes you to the First Booze Olympics...

20 diverse drinks from contrasting countries battle it out and only one will walk away with the heroic heavyweight booze belt. Our seven testy testers slugged each competitor in straight shots-cause they're hard.

A bit of a hush please, and let the battle begin....

The winners.

Gold Medal

Republic of Austria

Hapsburg Absinthe Extra Special. 89.9% Vol. £49.00 50cl.

Silver Medal

Republic of Ireland

Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen. Gold Extra-Strength 90% Vol. £27.99 50cl. - " Despite being viciously strong, its smooth. vanilla taste got a thumbs up from the tasters.

Tasters Reaction: Most of the panel is pleasantly surprised by how smooth it is, although there's gasps of 'you could die from that'.

Bronze Medal

Czech Republic

Logan Hemp Vodka 40% Vol. £19.99 50cl

Other entrants.Initial Distributors

Austria Stroh 80% Vol.
Bermuda Goslings Black Seal 40% Vol.
Bulgaria Balkan 176 Vodka 88% Vol.
France Marc de Bourgogne 40% Vol.
Germany Asbach Uralkt 38% Vol.
Japan Choya Sake 13.5% Vol.
Italy Grappa Piave 40% Vol.
Mexico Villa Lobos 45% Vol.
Poland Polish Pure Spirit 79.9% Vol.
Russia Rocket Fuel Vodka 47.5% Vol.
St. Lucia Mezan Rum 75.5% Vol.
Scotland The Famous Grouse Vintage Malt Whisky 40% Vol.
Southern Mexico Mezcal Lajita 40% Vol.
Turkey Yeni Raki 45% Vol.
U.S.A. Maker's Mark Kentucky Bourbon 45% Vol.

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