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This is a chance to be part of an exciting new initiative unique in the spirits sector of the retail market. For further details please see below:



The company produces three different strengths of Irish Poteen together with Heather and Elderflower ‘London Cut’ dry gins.  All are international award-winning ultra-premium boutique brands, uniquely using Irish Whey distillate.  The Irish Poteens are triple distilled, with the gins being quintuple-distilled.  All have geographical indicative status (G.I) awarded by the EU Commission and Parliament.

The Irish Poteens were first produced in 1996 followed by Heather Gin in 2009 and Elderflower Gin in 2010.  The products are available worldwide,and potential importers are welcome.

We have decided to make our product range more accessible in the UK and Ireland by launching a unique franchising opportunity.

If you are interested, please complete the application form below and email it to, with “franchising opportunity” in the ‘subject’ field.

For further brand information, please refer to:






Please print this page and fill in the blanks:



  • Every applicant will be required to hold a full valid driving licence