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Super premium, bespoke triple-distilled Irish Poteen.

Produced with 100% Irish domestic distillate since 1996

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Currently, many European spirit drink retailers/wholesalers/exporters have suspended sales to the USA as a result of the new import tarrifs.

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13 International Awards achieved after nearly 25 years production

The family-owned Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen brand was first produced in 1996 and on the 7th March 1997 it became the first licensed for sale on mainland Ireland. In 2003 it was awarded THE GOLD MEDAL for Irish Poteen by the International Wine & Spirit Competition, and in 2012 at the USA Ultimate Spirits Challenge it was awarded the accolade: EXCELLENT, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED with a score of 92 Points. All the brand’s poteens have won a minimum Silver Medal (Best in Class) by the IWSC, including our Gold Extra-Strength 90% vol, (which has been exported to many distant countries, as well as Japan and the USA); with a tally of 13 medals awarded. It is the only Irish Poteen to meet the EU Technical File regulations allowing distillate over 94.7% volume, and uses Irish whey spirit, identical to a well-known premium Irish cream spirit.

No other Irish Poteen has achieved such provenance in independent non-sponsored trade competitions.

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About our Irish Poteen

The spirit category 'Irish Poteen/Irish Poitin' was accorded 'Geographical Indicative' status by the EU, and formally adopted by Regulation of the EU Commission, Parliament and Council in June 2007. The only two other Irish spirit drinks to be awarded G.I. status are Irish Cream and Irish Whiskey.

Knockeen Hills products continue to exclusively use traditional Irish Whey distillate produced at 96% vol. which provides an unrivalled smooth delivery of the spirit on the palate, and no after-taste, which sets out our quality products, apart from all other Irish poteens. For the technically minded, the clear clean, transparent distillate in Knocken Hills consists of only a minute amount of congeners at 240 parts per million!

The Master of Malt has in stock currently all three strengths in the 70cl. and 50cl. size bottles and their 3cl. samples.

We unreservedly recommend the integrity of both online retailers who also deal directly with trade customers.

Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen ® should be consumed responsibly.

Please bear in mind that persons ordering alcohol must be of legal drinking age in that country. Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen ® should be consumed responsibly.