Knockeen Hills:Irish Poteen. Triple and Quadruple Distilled

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COVID-19 USA Update

Personal direct imports of poteens into the USA remain available. All enquires, including quotations should be sent by email to with the subject 'US personal imports'. Please include the full name and address of the recipient, the products, bottle sizes and quantities of interest. Your email must contain the statement: 'I confirm that the recipient is of legal age to consume alcohol in the State where this order is to be delivered'.

Please bear in mind that if you are ordering alcohol for delivery to the USA, you must be of legal drinking age in the USA. We do not currently have direct online sales in the USA but US customers can order via TheDrinkshop.

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*Currently, only TheDrinksShop stock our highly collectable 5cl miniature glass bottles.

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TheDrinkShop delivers to the USA in the States of:

  • Alaska,
  • California,
  • Connecticut,
  • Delaware,
  • Washington District of Columbia,
  • Florida,
  • Idaho,
  • Louisiana,
  • Maine,
  • Maryland,
  • Massachusetts,
  • Nebraska,
  • New Jersey,
  • New Mexico,
  • New York,
  • New Mexico,
  • Oregon,
  • Rhode Island,
  • Texas,
  • Virginia,
  • and Wyoming.

For a full list of other countries to where DrinksShop deliver, click here...

Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen ® should be consumed responsibly.

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