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'High-strength poteen launched'

The Wine And Spirit Weekly
10 July 1998, No. 5864, Page 6
(Editor: Peter Bathe)

AN EXTREMELY high strength Irish poteen has been launched by Vins Français. The 90 per cent ABV Gold Extra Strength Knockeen Hills is believed to be the highest strength spirit drink currently available in the EU duty-free market, though being triple-distilled is described as 'particularly smooth even at such a high strength'.


AerRianta, the duty-free concessionaire at the Channel Tunnel is listing the product, priced at £11.95 or FFr119 a litre at the English and French duty-free shops respectively. This is a saving of £23 on the suggested UK retail price of £34.95 a litre. Gold Extra Strength joins the original 45 per cent ABV Knockeen Hills Poteen and the 60 per cent ABV Farmers' Strength version.

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